PJ48 Gakuen – Chapter 2 – WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kuminon

PJ48 Gakuen - WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kuminon

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Chapter 2

After that unexpected meeting with Mayu and Jurina, I, Kanon, Yuki and Atsuko had a flash meeting at that night. I told them everything I heard and what Mayu said. At the end, we got two different comments.

Atsuko didn’t believe in what Mayu said, like me. They hadn’t given any evidence that proved they didn’t involve in the vampire attacking cases. However, we also didn’t have anything to accuse them. On the other hand, Yuki seemed to believe Mayu. Weird… Just a few days ago, she even didn’t want to mention any vampire’s names. But at that very moment, she was defending a full-blood vampire like Mayu, or it was just only Mayu. What was happening to Yuki?

Anyways, because we couldn’t have the same idea so we would keep investigating for more information before getting the conclusion.

According to what we heard, they might be one vampire in our class and one in Mayu’s class so we split up. Atsuko was assigned to investigate the vampire in our class; Yuki would supervise Mayu since she knew quite a lot about the girl. For me, I stood in the middle and often help all three of them but I would pay more attention to Kanon. It was just because she was inexperienced and also Jurina was different… She was too mysterious. There was something about her telling me that she was different from the other vampires. An urge pushed me to know her more than anyone else. Her coldness and stubbornness was like trying to hide something deep inside her.

How strange… It was the first time a vampire could get my attention that much. Truthfully… Who was Matsui Jurina?


Day… Month… Year…

Today, I had a very bad time. When the school finished, I had to hide on the rooftop again because of Kimoto Kanon. She was really annoying when she kept staring at me during classes and following me everywhere during breaks. She was like my shadow, never leave my side. If Mayu didn’t stop me, I think I would bite her already.

I stayed on the rooftop, leaning my back against the wall and watching the flowing clouds upon the sky. It was a very peaceful moment. I enjoyed myself very much but I wasn’t happy or relaxed. Why? It was because the pain was there. It’s always there, no matter how I’d changed from the past. No one can cure it. No one can warm my already cold heart and sooth the pain eating my soul day by day. This loneliness… I think I’m getting used to it.

I sat still for a few minutes before Mayu and her best friend found me. And again, Mayu scolded for running away without telling her but as always, Kuumi defended me. Yagami Kuumi is my cousin’s best friend since the time they met each other. They are really closed like sisters though sometimes they argued or even fought. Well, they’re still best friends.

While I was watching them arguing, midget senpai telepathized us. We were quite surprised at first since senpai only uses telepathy when there is something important she needs to tell us. And what would you expect her to say at 5pm, after school? Another mission, of course. But it wasn’t a normal mission. She told us to go to the Hunter’s place. Takahashi Minami, our midget leader, told us to protect the Hunters, who are supposed to be our enemies.

I, Mayu and Kuumi at first refused to do the mission but once again, she had convinced us. She said that it was a very good opportunity to get more allies since we are in the middle of a big war, not with the Hunters, with another clan of vampires. She thought we would get bigger chance to defeat the other clan if the Hunters helped us. And if we told them the truth, maybe they would leave us alone. She was right somehow… But I still can’t trust those hunters, especially the girl named Matsui Rena. Somehow, she gave me a weird feeling when I met her on the rooftop on the other day. When I grabbed her warm wrist and looked at her cold, emotionless eyes, the “pain” grew again. I thought I could lose my self-control again if Mayu didn’t tell me to let her go. I don’t know why that girl could affect me that much. The “pain” had never grown like that for a long time… But her, how could she wake up the “pain” just by a look?

Not only one time, twice.

I met her again in this evening. I was carrying out Takamina-senpai’s mission and found her in a dark alley, surrounded by a whole clan of low-class vampire in Shibuya. She was fighting the vampire all alone so yeah, I had to accomplish my mission. And guess what? My heart ached again when our eyes met each other. What is happening to me? Who is this Matsui Rena actually?


After school, instead of going with Kanon, Yuki and Atsuko to Akibahara, I decided to go alone to Shibuya. I needed to buy some stuff for the missions and also, I wanted to search this place for any vampires since I could smell their scent. I thought it was one of their hideout. I wasn’t so sure so I went there to check, if I could, I would eliminate the whole hideout.

When the sunlight was going out, I was walking to a dark alley in Shibuya, where I could smell the vampires clearly. Even though it was only five in the evening, the street lights were all on. But the further I walked, the darker the alley was. The atmosphere was quiet and creepy. I could see some people in dirty old coats, wearing torn big hats that covered all their faces. They didn’t seem like they were shoppers in Shibuya. And I was sure that they also didn’t plan to go out of the alley. Suddenly, I felt cold. Shuddering, I knew those eyes were following every single step of mine.

I kept walking toward to the darkness until I reached the last light pole in the alley. In front of me it was black darkness; behind me, it was an unending flow of people. Coming from the shadow, more people shortened the distance between us. Just a few seconds later, I realized that I was completely surrounded by a bunch of vampires. Some of them couldn’t hold back their hungry; their mouths started watering, showing their brushy teeth. All of them were the degenerated vampires. Maybe they were a group of homeless people who were bitten by those full-blood vampires and turned into terrible monsters.

They were looking at me with their thirsty bloody eyes. A small smirk appeared on my face, I slowly took out form my pocket an inch-long piece of silver, which was a product of the genius, Yuki. When I pressed a small button at the top, the piece of silver became a sharp one-meter-long katana in my hand. The blade was sparkling under the blurred light, making the vampire become more aggressive. Their groans filled up the silence of the place.

I stood still, not be scared by anything.

I looked at those bloody eyes, couldn’t hold back a smirk.


Right after I finished my words, at the same time those opened mouths dashed to me, wanting to touch my bare neck and taste my fresh blood. The show had started. Every single move, every single attack rhythm with my heart beats. Sweats mixed up with the dust coming from those unlucky vampires who got their lived ended by my silver katana.

The silence atmosphere was now filled with the sound of sliced meat, the painful groans of those thirsty monsters…

… And the sound of my fast, heavy breath.

Even though I had been trained to fight in long battles but it was impossible for anyone to fight for their lives in 30 minutes against more than a hundred of thirsty vampires. It was out of my limit and also, they had found my weakness. My attacks got slower when it was dark. I couldn’t fight in the dark since my vision wasn’t good as the other Hunters. So in turn, all the light poles were knocked out when I was trying to get to a brighter place, running away from them. I ran to the last standing light pole, noticing that there was no escape. The number of vampires was increasing but my energy was running out. Seemed that I got myself into troubles again.

My vision was blurred. My arms and legs were shaking. I couldn’t fight any longer; my body didn’t listen to my order anymore. I was locked in a circle of vampires hopelessly. I should have known my abilities well before making any stupid decisions. Maybe giving my own life to those vampires was my biggest, first and also last mistake that I had ever made.

Thinking of Kanon, Yuki, Atsuko and all the humankind, I didn’t allow myself to give in so easily. I couldn’t give in when there was still hope, no matter how small it was, to eliminate this dangerous creature and bring happiness and peace to the humankind.

I went back to my attack pose, waiting for the next attack. No hesitation, the vampires dashed to me, ready to end my life. I waited until the moment of death finally came.


… Sweet…

This scent…

… It was the scent that I had smelled on the rooftop on the other day…

… Sweet… So sweet…


Wakening from the sudden thought, I gained back my conscious. A black figure appeared in front of me. Black short hair, fair skin, slim torso, with a quick move, the black figure held out a black-blade sword, slashing every vampires that it met on its way. After a short moment, the number of vampires had reduced half, or it was just my lucky guess. But I was sure the vampires started to withdraw. They were scared of the person standing in front of me. They slowly ran away and disappeared into the darkness.

After making sure that they were no danger in the place, that person slowly turned around and…

*Doki Doki*

I felt like my heart was racing with the wind. Those golden eyes again captured my soul. Loneliness, pain and even fear, too many unexpected feelings hid in those eyes, the eyes of the most powerful and heartless creature, a high-class vampire.

Yes, standing there, right next to me, that person was no one else but Matsui Jurina.

Her usual black eyes were replaced by sorrow golden eyes. She looked at me; I looked at her. Not a single word was given out. Did a vampire save my life? How ridiculous. I still had enough energy to kill her but there was a feeling holding me back. Why did I feel so… clueless… and vulnerable?

“Don’t misunderstand that I want to help you or something…” Finally, Jurina broke the silence between us. “I saved you just because it’s an order from our leader. We are still enemies.”

“Why… does your leader… want you to save me?” I asked her.

“Simply, our leader wants to erase all the misunderstandings of the hum about vampires. And also, she wants to ask for your and other hunter’s collaboration.”

“Collaboration? Hunters and vampires? Are you crazy or something? What are you planning on?” I smirked.

“I don’t need your answer right now and I don’t have rights to answer those questions for you either. Next week, at this time, go to the foot of Fuji Mountain if you want to have your answers. Our leader will be waiting there for you and the others. Now bye.” Jurina vanished into the darkness, not waiting for me to ask anything else.

What a mysterious girl. She was cold and emotionless but her eyes told me her different side. They cumulated sorrow and loneliness, making me want to come to her side and sooth all of her pain. But why? Why was I attracted to a vampire that I hadn’t met before like that? Oh wait… Was it true that… she was a full-blood vampire?


PJ48 Gakuen – WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kuminon – Chapter 1

PJ48 Gakuen - WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kuminon - Chapter 1

So here is the next chapter~ Enjoy~




Chapter 1

So you all already knew who I was. I was a vampire killer, Hunter as what they called me. Of course no one knew about that except for the members in the organization and the vampires themselves. At that time, I and my mischievous cousin, Kanon, were staying with my two best friends, as well as my co-workers Yuki and Atsuko, at their place. It was because I and Kanon were transferred after the school year had already started for a week so the letter about our classes was sent toward to our house. But since I and Kanon were already too tired and sleepy to read that letter after taking a long trip, we asked Yuki to read and summarized everything we need to know in the letter so we could go to sleep early. According to what she said, I would be studying in class 6-1, the same class with her and Atsuko. For Kanon, she would study in class 3-2. Surprisingly, Yuki told us that one of the high-class vampires, Matsui Jurina, who hadn’t impressed me much except for her surname, was also studying in class 3-2. So we had decided to assign the investigating mission of Matsui Jurina to Kanon since she was in the same class.

Kanon didn’t refuse to do it. Instead, she was very excited when we gave her the mission. Seeing her like that, if Yuki and Atsuko were worried about her then I was too, ten times more than they were. It’s just because Kanon was still too young. Even though she was assessed to be a talent in the organization but her training time was shorter than us and also she was lack of experience. What would happen to an inexperienced little girl being too closed to a powerful vampire, who was hundred years older than her?

Both my parents and Kanon’s were the best Hunters in the organization. But during one night, all of them were killed by vampires when they were in a mission. From that day, the two of us lived together with the hatred for the vampires diving in our souls.

Kanon was my only family. If there was anything happen to her, maybe I couldn’t take another lost. It would be too painful and I might not stand up again. Ignoring Yuki and Atsuko, who were too afraid of our identities being discovered, I still decided to help Kanon in this mission. And about the other missions to find the hidden high-class vampires, I let the silly duo to handle them. Investigation and identification about vampires were their strength.

At last, our first day of school had come. After we had arrived at school, Yuki and Atsuko split up and went to their class while I and Kanon headed to the principal’s room. The principal was the one who invited us to study here. Somehow, he knew about the presences of vampires in his school.

“Matsui-san, Kimoto-san, I’m so glad to have you two in my school.” He cheerfully welcomed us when we entered his room.

“Good morning, sensei.” We bowed while greeting him. He smiled warmly to us as a return to our greeting.

“You don’t need to be so formal. Just take me as your family. It’s quite awkward for you to do that when I have to ask for your helps many times in the future.”

“It’s fine. It’s our job anyways.” I smiled.

“The bell will go off in any minutes so I think you two should go back to your classes. If you have something to ask about or you need any help from me, let me know. Do remember not to cause too much chaos in here. I’m not sure how long I could hide your identities.”

“We’ll remember that. Have a nice day, sensei.” We bowed one more time and then left the room.

After that, instead of going straight to my class, I went to Kanon’s class along with her so I could ensure that she would be fine there and also meet my enemy. But something was weird. Standing at the doorway of the classroom, I could get a sniff of strong vampire scent. A very strong scent, very terrible, very frightening. It was obvious that the scent must be from a high-class and powerful vampire. No wonder why Yuki was afraid of that Matsui girl. But somehow, she seemed to be quite excited and interested when it came to the Watanabe girl. Who knows what that black-soul girl was thinking about?

Back to the story. After getting too much vampire smell, I turned to Kanon and asked.

“Non-chan, do you think that… the smell of vampire is too strong here?” I whispered to her ears, not letting anyone overhear our conversation.

“Eh? Really? I don’t smell anything here.” She looked at me for awhile, taking in a deep breath. “Nothing at all. It’s true that I have some bad feelings, maybe it’s because I’ve already known there is a vampire in here. But Rena-nee-chan, I don’t smell anything.”


The scent was still there. I looked over the class to find the source of that scent but nothing seemed to be strange. The students in class were chatting normally. No one showed any weird expression or something. Was I wrong about the scent? Was I just dreaming about it? But… this scent… it was so real…

“I think you are worried too much. My teacher is coming. You should go back to your class now. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me, Ok?” Kanon dragged me out of my own thoughts. I just simply nodded at her, gave her a few advices and then went to my class.

Weird. Why did I feel like something was watching me?


Day… Month… Year…

Today, I had gotten into some troubles. At first, I smelled a weird scent while I was waiting for the class to start. It was not from a normal human. It must be from those stupid Hunters. But I could say that this scent was fresh, it was not from those two Hunter in the senior year of high school. Also, if those two took any move, senpai would have told me about that.

It seemed that there was a newbie joining this war. Oh wait, there were two. There were two different scents in the air, one was weak and the other was pretty strong. If I could only judge by the scent, I would say there was a big gap between the two’s experience and strength. I would have to check it again later.

Right after I got rid of my thoughts, I saw two figures standing at the doorway. There were two girls, did not look so familiar to me. I hadn’t seen them in this school before. Maybe they were the new transferred students. It seemed that they were talking about something. It was a fortunate that vampire’s ears were more sensitive than human’s so that I could overhear their conversation. They were talking about vampires. Hmm… No doubt, they really were Hunters. The taller girl had the same badge on her uniform as the midget senpai, so my guess would be she was a senior in high school. And the shorter girl seemed to study in the same class as mine. Maybe they were sisters or something.

However… The older girl’s killing aura was way stronger than the other. With her careful attitude, she was definitely an experienced Hunter. The younger one, also my classmate, was quite strong but she didn’t seem to have much experience herself. I thought I had to watch out for the older one more. But what confused me most was that why they were here. Wasn’t it enough to have two Hunters in this school already? What were they planning to do here? Strange… I would have to tell the others about this.

Preventing is better than curing.

When the bell went off, the older girl vanished immediately. There was only the younger one who was talking to our homeroom teacher. I guessed my freedom was over from now on when I had to study with the one who was hunting me. I felt so guilty when I kept teasing my midget senpai about this. Haiz.

Few seconds later, after everyone had gone back to their seats, the teacher and the new student walked into the class. The teacher stood in front of the black board, looking at us and announcing loudly with her deep voice.

“Minna-san, I would like to introduce a new friend to our class. Please, Kimoto-san, introduce yourself.”

That girl came to the front and smiled to us.

“Ohayougozaimasu, minna-san. My name is Kimoto Kanon, age 15, from the city of Nagoya. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!”

Almost immediately, all the boys whistled rapidly, slamming the tables which made the teacher angry and tried to keep down the noise but it was no use. Then the teacher looked at me, who was sitting in the corner, with her pleading eyes. I sighed heavily. I already knew what she wanted me to do. It was so annoying, being the class monitor.

Pissed off, I slammed the table weakly but made a big slamming sound as if the table was going to break in half. I always knew if I did like the normal human then it wouldn’t be only the table, the floor would also be broken so just dared to do it lightly. But it was enough to calm those overexcited boys and the class was quiet again. The teacher nodded thankfully at me then turned back to… what was her name again? Oh… Kimoto Kanon.

“Kimoto-san, you can sit next to Matsui Jurina-san. She is the class monitor so if you have any problems, just ask her to help you.” She pointed at me while talking to the girl.

When Kimoto looked at me, her innocent eyes immediately changed. They were cold, serious and filled with hatred. Did I do something wrong to her? Why was she looking at me like that? I had been living in Nagoya for hundreds years but I had never seen her around. It was impossible that I had met her. So why did her eyes look so different from the other Hunters? They were deadly and scary. She seemed like she just wanted to make mincemeat of me.

Anyways, when Kimoto was walking to the empty seat beside me, she gave me a warning look. I just simply smiled back to tell her that I wasn’t afraid of her. I didn’t do anything wrong so why should I be afraid? Kimoto didn’t say anything back. She just sat down quietly and gave her full attention to the black board or her books during classes; she completely ignored me. Even so, the atmosphere around us was pretty heavy. It was uncomfortable when I had to sit next to a hunter and received some cold glares from her without any reasons.

Please God, Kami-sama! I promised I would stop teasing midget senpai from now on! Please, save me from this scary girl!


When the bell rang, I tried to run as fast as I could to escape from a bunch of fan boys in my class. After my introduction in this morning, I accidentally got myself some fan boys and they were so annoying. Yuki and Atsuko only sat in their seats, laughed while watching me running away for my life. What a friend!

While running in the hallway, I ran into my cousin, who was also trying to find a place to hide from her new fan club’s members. The crowd was coming closer so we decided to hide on the rooftop until the lunch break was over. But no one would know that we were not the only ones who would be there at that time. When I was recovering from a long running section, I heard some voice coming from the rooftop. Kanon signaled me to stay silent, listening to the conversation.

“Nee-chan~ what should I do now?” A voice came up. From the tone, I guessed it was a girl’s voice. But when I saw the look on Kanon’s face, I knew that she already knew who it was.

“Do what? You just need to be like senpai, ignore them. She’s studying with 3 Hunters! So just be like her, don’t do anything stupid in front of them. We’ll be fine when we don’t hurt any human.” A high, angelic voice came up. I could imagine that it belonged to a cute young girl.

“It’s just because senpai’s identity hasn’t been discovered yet, not like me and you. I’m sure she already knows who I am so she gave me those scary glares. We even sit next to each other, how could you expect me to watch out for any guns or knives heading to me anytime?”

“Haiz. I know but you have to bear it. This is our last place to live. If the Hunter found us, we would have to move out of Japan and I know you don’t like that idea, am I right?”

“Of course not… Fine… I’ll try then… You’re so lucky. You have your best friend as your classmate and there is no hunter in your class also.”


Suddenly, the two stopped talking. Everything was quiet. Kanon turned around to look at me worriedly. I understood her look. There was something wrong happening in here.

Yet a chill going through my spine caught me you guard up.

Automatically, I took out my silver knife hidden under my red skirt and brandished it quickly. Immediately, a hand, deadly cold, wrapped my wrist to stop the attack. I stared at the person standing in front of me in shock… This scent… it was what I smelled when I was at Kanon’s class.

It was her, Matsui Jurina, one of the high-class vampires in Nagoya.

“I didn’t know that Hunter is some kinds of sneaky people. Overhearing other’s conversation is not good at all.” A voice came from behind my back.

I glanced at the back and saw Kanon holding her black mini gun loaded with silver bullets, pointing at another girl. That girl smiled, a meaningful smile, not like the cold-like-ice person standing in front of me. The girl looked at the gun, Kanon and I then chuckled.

“I don’t know what you were taught in your organization but I’ll tell you anyways. You can’t do anything to us. Silver, cross, the sunlight, anything you was taught to be the weakness of vampires, doesn’t work on us. They only work on those low-class, degenerated vampires. To the full-blooded, high-class vampire like us, they are completely useless.”

I glanced at the girl for awhile then turned back to Jurina, not planning on withdrawing my knife. And I knew Kanon didn’t plan to do so either.

“These people… I really don’t understand you Hunters. Jurina, let go of her hand.” The girl said. Suddenly, Jurina’s eyes opened widely, looking at the girl with a shocked expression. Her golden eyes… I couldn’t stop myself from looking at those eyes…

“Jurina, it’s fine. Just let her go.” Jurina seemed to be unpleasant but the grip on my wrist loosened up. Like she was afraid of me attacking her again, Jurina took a few steps backward, out of my reach and the same went to the other girl.

Like a flash of light, the girl appeared next to Jurina. It was the ability of teleportation of vampires… Kanon stood next to me, still pointing her gun at the two vampire girls. The short girl slowly shook her head and sighed heavily.

“How many times do I have to tell you that the thing you are holding cannot kill us?”

“…” Kanon stayed silent, tightening her grip on the gun. It seemed that her anger was growing. I also hated vampires but in this situation, the two of us had no chance to win against that duo. It was better not to attack them.

I slowly lowered my knife and put it back under my skirt. Then I placed my hand on Kanon’s shoulder, telling her to calm down. She hesitated for awhile before withdrew her gun and hide it inside her vest. After that, I finally turned back to look at the vampires, trying my best to keep my voice as calm as possible.

“What do you want from us?”

The girl was surprised by my question. “It’s us who should be asking that question. What do YOU want form us? We only want to live peacefully, together with the humankind. But you Hunters always chase us down even when we didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You said you didn’t do anything wrong? Then explain why the low-class vampire is so aggressive since the time you came here? There were a lots of vampire attacks happening in a short time. It’s ironic that the main agency of the Hunter organization is in Tokyo but those vampires aren’t afraid of us. If it isn’t your fault, then whose is it?”

“How can we know? Ask those vampires. Even we high-class vampires disgusted those degenerated vampires. They are a shame of our race. Because of them, we’re called monsters without any reasons.”

“As if you’re not like them. You still have to drink human blood, don’t you?”

“Of course human blood tastes better but we only drink animal blood and eat human food, even though it tastes nothing. Only those low-class vampires can’t digest anything except human blood. Don’t take us like those real monsters.” I smirked at the answer. It was really interesting. I was watching a vampire protesting for her own race with unbelievable speech.

“Whatever. Like I would believe that. Now, I want to know except for you two, are there any other vampires in this school?”

“You two overheard us so I don’t think I have to answer that.” The girl shrugged.

“Then tell me their name.”

“We can tell you our name since we’ve been discovered long time ago. But telling you the others’ names is a big no. Sorry.” The girl smiled again.

“… Fine. We’ll find out soon or later and kill all of you anyways.”

“… Whatever… Well, let’s take this as a small meeting, shall we? I’m Watanabe Mayu, class 5-1. And this is Matsui Jurina, class 3-2, my cousin. You two are friends of Kashiwagi Yuki and Maeda Astuko, am I right?” That Mayu girl smiled to us again. They knew about Yuki and Atsuko but they didn’t attack them? I was taught that vampires always attack their enemies first when they felt the presence of danger in their living area, especially the Hunter. So why didn’t they do that? Were they telling the truth?

“Tell us your name.” Mayu asked. I hesitated, slowly held Kanon’s hand to calm myself and answered.

“The name is Matsui Rena, class 6-1. This is Kimoto Kanon, class 3-2, my cousin.” I finished my short introduction at the same time with the bell going off. Time did fly quickly.

“Now we have to go back to our classes. We don’t want to fight with you so don’t bother us, especially Jurina if you still want to live. She isn’t good at keeping herself calm like I do so she could be dangerous and scary sometimes. Don’t blame me not to warn you first.”

Right after Mayu had finished her sentences, both she and Jurina disappeared into the air like they never existed form the beginning. It was only me and Kanon on the rooftop, buried in our own messy thoughts about the previous conversation.

Let me be your love – Mayuki, Atsumina, KojiYuu- Prologue

Le me be your love - Mayuki, Atsumina, KojiYuu- Prologue

Here is another fiction of mine. Please enjoy~



In year 22XX, the cyborg era had begun. With the non-stop developing technology, scientists and engineers had finally found a new improvement for the social life. They had successfully created human-like cyborgs. They weren’t just normal robots; they were made of metal but they had an alike-human body and human feelings and emotions. They could feel sad, happy, excited, any kind of emotions that human have, except for pain. They were basically robots so they didn’t feel painful, physically.

That was the main reason why all the cyborgs were used for dangerous jobs like miners or lumbers. Some cyborgs were made to be maids, for-renting lovers or singers. Basically, humans didn’t need to do anything beside enjoy their lives because cyborgs had done everything for them.

To make it short, cyborg was just a new term for “slave”.

Because the cyborgs had feelings and their own analysing system, they could rebel anytimes when they realized the real reasons why they were made. So AKY Corporation, where cyborgs were made, had created an army of robots to control the cyborgs. The robots army was like a police agency which assured there wouldn’t be any chaos or rebel from the cyborgs and the cyborgs had to totally obey their human masters.

Yes, a new era of slaves had begun.


It was just another normal night in a Japanese family. The father, the mother and their two girls were having dinner together. They were chatting happily until a maid brought out a vanilla cake. It was very delicious and good-looking like it was made by a 5-star French chef. Everyone would love to eat it but…

“How many times do I have to tell you I don’t like this?!? It’s gross!” The father of the family stood up, threw his piece of cake at the maid and yelled angrily after taking his first bite.

“I’m so sorry, Master.” The maid bowed and apologized.

“You always apologize but you never improve, you useless cyborg! I don’t want to hear any of your trash words.” The father came closed to the cyborg and slapped her hard, making her falling down on the cheek.

“You’d better improve your cooking skill or else, I’ll return you to AKY, where you’ll be eliminated.”

Hearing of AKY, the face of cyborg changed into a shock expression. She immediately prostrated herself before him, begging for his forgiveness.

“I’m so sorry, Master. I won’t repeat that again! Please don’t send me there! Please!”

“Huh.” He hissed. “Why did I buy such a useless cyborg like you from the beginning?” He kicked her away and went to his room.

His wife, who had been eating silently, followed him just a minute later on, leaving their two girls in the dining table. The older one, who had a boyish hairstyle, finished her cake quietly and then walked to her room. After all, there were only the cyborg maid and the youngest child of the family.

The cyborg lowed her head while cleaning the mess on the floor. She was avoiding the sympathetic gaze of her young master. When she was cleaning, she suddenly felt a warm sensation on her cheek, where her master had slapped her few minutes ago. She starled by the touch and stepped back to distance herself from the person.

“O-ojou-sama… What are you doing?” She stuttered as she was staring at the taller girl in front of her.

“I just want to check your cheek. Did my father slap you too hard?” The girl, who had long black silky hair, white smoothe skin and beautiful round eyes, looked at her worriedly.

“N-No. I’m fine… I’m a cyborg so… I don’t feel pain…”

“I know that but…” The young girl walked closer to the cyborg and trapped the small girl between herself and the wall. “You feel painful inside, don’t you? I’m sorry that my father is being so mean and cruel to you but I can’t do anything. I’m sorry. Even I think that my father was getting mad at you for no reason. Your cooking is excellent.” She brought her hand up to caress the flush cheek of the cyborg. The cyborg said nothing and turned her head away, avoiding the touch and gently pushed the girl back.

“I’m fine. Thank you for caring about me, ojou-sama. But you don’t need to concern about my status. Master won’t be happy if he sees us. Please take care of yourself, ojou-sama.”

The cyborg pulled herself away from the wall and walked out of the dining room.

The girl watched her beloved cyborg walking away from her, refused her care. Her hands formed into tight fists. She bit her lower lip to stop herself from crying but yet a single crystal drop falling from the corner of her eye.

“I’m so sorry… Mayuyu…”

PJ48 Gakuen – WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kuminon – Prologue

PJ48 Gakuen - WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kuminon - Prologue

So I will re-post my very first AKB48 fanfiction here. Hope you will enjoy it.


To you, what is called, “Love”?

Love is a kind of feeling which is pure, voluntary and comes from two sympathetic people without bothering age, gender or status.

That is what I always heard when I asked someone that question.

You would think that I’m crazy when I’m sitting here alone and talking to a diary.

Of course that’s not true.

This is not a normal diary.

It is my life, my soul, my will.

This diary is my answer.

If only I had read it before that day then… everything would have changed.

I had been so stupid when I had already found my answer but yet declined it and lost it.

Now, after I’ve realized how stupid I was, it’s already too late.

Tell me I’m crazy, stupid.

But just let me tell you.

I will not give in.

I will not give up my hope and keep waiting.

Waiting for someday… My answer will once again be found.

Love… will come one more….

My story along with the diary began from that destined day, the day when I officially transferred to PJ48 Gakuen.


During night of a normal day, I and my cousin just got off the train from Nagoya and arrived in Tokyo. Why did we take a long trip to the most developed and modern city in Japan at midnight? Well, if the school’s letter wasn’t sent to the wrong address then we wouldn’t have to take a train at 8 pm and wait for 3 hours to come here. We had to go to our new school on the next day so this couldn’t be helped.

Oh right, I forgot. My name is Matsui Rena, age of 18, senior of high school. Brief introduction only, if you want to know more about me, just wait then.

“Rena-nee-chan, when will those two people come? It’s almost midnight. I don’t want to be late on our first day of school.”

My cousin who was standing next to me complained. Kimoto Kanon, age of 15, senior of junior high school, very lazy, love soccer or sport in general. She’s really cute, energetic, easy going but sometimes she acts like those old ladies from the Edo era. If it was back from Nagoya, I would scold her being too impatient but this time, I had to agree with her when my two best friends from elementary school made us to wait for almost an hour. In this cold of the first few days of spring, standing here was just a torture.

“Non-chan, I have to agree with you, these girls are too slow.”

“Why do we have to wait for them?”

“They said that it would be dangerous for us to come to their place at midnight so they want to pick us up.”

“But as I can see, it’s way more dangerous to stand here. The chance of dying because of the cold is pretty high.” Another complaint from “grandma” but she had her point. It was really cold. My body started shaking already.

Well, seemed that we still had our luck. Right after Kanon had finished her sentences, two figures were running toward us in hurry. Even though I hadn’t seen them for over 3 years, I still remembered my two best friends, Kashiwagi Yuki and Maeda Atsuko.

“S-sorry… We’re a little bit late….” Yuki said breathlessly with her hands placed on her knees. Next to her, Atsuko’s condition was not any better… Something was wrong… Those red dots on their jackets looked familiar…

“When did you leave home to come here?” I asked them even though I equivocally know the reason why they came late.

“Sorry. We did make it in time. But on the way, we got into some troubles so it took us some time to get here.” Atsuko said after she had regained her energy.

“So the dangerous thing you told us earlier is them?” Out of sudden, Kanon asked them. By looking at her anxious and serious face, I knew she had seen those red dots on their jackets and also had the same thought as mine. “I thought you two were talking about some perverted old men. Those “goats” are more difficult to deal with.” Out of the topic…

“Surprisingly, Tokyo has even more of them than Nagoya.” I said while waiting for an answer from my best friends.

“Oh no. Their population just increased lately.” Yuki answered immediately. “According to what we know, there is a small group of them from Nagoya had settled in Tokyo few year ago. From the time that group arrived, they have been more aggressive. This wasn’t happened when we first came here.”

“Hmm… That’s weird… So the reason why I and Kanon were transferred here is to help you two take care of this case?”

“True.” Atsuko nodded. “Currently, only two of us can’t handle this Akibahara area. The Nagoya group settled here so we really need you two’s helps.”

“Haiz… I knew it. There must be a reason for sensei to kick us out of Nagoya and drag us here.” Kanon sighed quietly. I told her to stay quiet then turned to ask.

“So do you know anything about that Nagoya group?”

“Not much but we know that they are from the high class. Those vampires…” Yuki hesitated. “… They can walk under the sun… not like the vampire we usually see in the neighborhood.”

They, who we had been talking about, were vampires. You did not mishear it. Yukirin was talking about vampires. Vampires in Tokyo and many places around Japan were like a small community mixed up with our human world. They were active at night, sucking blood from animals or any unlucky people who got into their hunting areas. That was why an organization was found with many branches in all the large cities. The members in the organization were strictly selected and trained to become a vampire killer, having only one mission, which was killing vampires and protecting the humankind. We were called, Hunter.

“Hmm… It’s possible for them to have some internal problems. The low-class vampires always follow the high class’s orders. They wouldn’t be this aggressive unless those nobility vampires order them.” I said and it seemed that the others also agreed with my opinion.

“We’re following that Nagoya group recently. Even though we haven’t had the accurate number of the high-class vampires but we have detected two of them. Also it’s quite convenient that they are studying at the same school with us so it’s easier for us to find the others.” Atsuko said. She didn’t look so happy. Well, of course she wouldn’t be that happy when we had been taught that vampires were blood-thirst monsters. No hesitation or heart, they would kill any human that was in their sight. That was why we really hated them and showed no mercy toward those monsters. And the same thing with this mission, I had decided that I would kill all of those high-class vampires without mercy. They had to pay for what they did.

Whatever happened, I wouldn’t be allowed to fail this mission.

“Good. We will start from those two vampires. It’s no use to be rushed anyways.” I smiled to calm Atsuko and Yuki.

“Do you know their names?” Kanon quickly asked.

“Of course.” Yuki nodded, took out her small notebook from her pocket and started reading it. She always carried it with her, didn’t she? What a weird girl. “The first one is a first-year high school girl; quite popular in the campus and her name is Watanabe Mayu. The second one is her cousin, third-year junior high, also quite popular in the school. Even though this one is younger than her cousin but she is actually very strong and experienced, just like her cousin.”

“Have you fought her or something?” I raised one of my eyebrow and looked at Yuki surprisingly.

“Nope. We can’t show our identities in public, the same with those vampires because of some reasons we don’t know. I know that they are strong because my intuition told me so… She has strong dark aura around her and her cold eyes… are just like a professional assassin.” Yuki’s body started shaking gently.

“Nonsense. I don’t believe in intuition anyways. I’ll test her strength later on, and also her cousin, Watanabe. Ah right… What’s her name?”

“About that… it’s quite interesting though… I was wondering if you are related to vampire or not.” Yuki chuckled softly, which pissed me off a little bit.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t know how many people with the name of Matsui there are in Nagoya… Anyways, her name is Matsui Jurina. And just to remind you, she’s a high-class vampire.”