PJ48 Gakuen – WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kuminon – Prologue

PJ48 Gakuen - WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kuminon - Prologue

So I will re-post my very first AKB48 fanfiction here. Hope you will enjoy it.


To you, what is called, “Love”?

Love is a kind of feeling which is pure, voluntary and comes from two sympathetic people without bothering age, gender or status.

That is what I always heard when I asked someone that question.

You would think that I’m crazy when I’m sitting here alone and talking to a diary.

Of course that’s not true.

This is not a normal diary.

It is my life, my soul, my will.

This diary is my answer.

If only I had read it before that day then… everything would have changed.

I had been so stupid when I had already found my answer but yet declined it and lost it.

Now, after I’ve realized how stupid I was, it’s already too late.

Tell me I’m crazy, stupid.

But just let me tell you.

I will not give in.

I will not give up my hope and keep waiting.

Waiting for someday… My answer will once again be found.

Love… will come one more….

My story along with the diary began from that destined day, the day when I officially transferred to PJ48 Gakuen.


During night of a normal day, I and my cousin just got off the train from Nagoya and arrived in Tokyo. Why did we take a long trip to the most developed and modern city in Japan at midnight? Well, if the school’s letter wasn’t sent to the wrong address then we wouldn’t have to take a train at 8 pm and wait for 3 hours to come here. We had to go to our new school on the next day so this couldn’t be helped.

Oh right, I forgot. My name is Matsui Rena, age of 18, senior of high school. Brief introduction only, if you want to know more about me, just wait then.

“Rena-nee-chan, when will those two people come? It’s almost midnight. I don’t want to be late on our first day of school.”

My cousin who was standing next to me complained. Kimoto Kanon, age of 15, senior of junior high school, very lazy, love soccer or sport in general. She’s really cute, energetic, easy going but sometimes she acts like those old ladies from the Edo era. If it was back from Nagoya, I would scold her being too impatient but this time, I had to agree with her when my two best friends from elementary school made us to wait for almost an hour. In this cold of the first few days of spring, standing here was just a torture.

“Non-chan, I have to agree with you, these girls are too slow.”

“Why do we have to wait for them?”

“They said that it would be dangerous for us to come to their place at midnight so they want to pick us up.”

“But as I can see, it’s way more dangerous to stand here. The chance of dying because of the cold is pretty high.” Another complaint from “grandma” but she had her point. It was really cold. My body started shaking already.

Well, seemed that we still had our luck. Right after Kanon had finished her sentences, two figures were running toward us in hurry. Even though I hadn’t seen them for over 3 years, I still remembered my two best friends, Kashiwagi Yuki and Maeda Atsuko.

“S-sorry… We’re a little bit late….” Yuki said breathlessly with her hands placed on her knees. Next to her, Atsuko’s condition was not any better… Something was wrong… Those red dots on their jackets looked familiar…

“When did you leave home to come here?” I asked them even though I equivocally know the reason why they came late.

“Sorry. We did make it in time. But on the way, we got into some troubles so it took us some time to get here.” Atsuko said after she had regained her energy.

“So the dangerous thing you told us earlier is them?” Out of sudden, Kanon asked them. By looking at her anxious and serious face, I knew she had seen those red dots on their jackets and also had the same thought as mine. “I thought you two were talking about some perverted old men. Those “goats” are more difficult to deal with.” Out of the topic…

“Surprisingly, Tokyo has even more of them than Nagoya.” I said while waiting for an answer from my best friends.

“Oh no. Their population just increased lately.” Yuki answered immediately. “According to what we know, there is a small group of them from Nagoya had settled in Tokyo few year ago. From the time that group arrived, they have been more aggressive. This wasn’t happened when we first came here.”

“Hmm… That’s weird… So the reason why I and Kanon were transferred here is to help you two take care of this case?”

“True.” Atsuko nodded. “Currently, only two of us can’t handle this Akibahara area. The Nagoya group settled here so we really need you two’s helps.”

“Haiz… I knew it. There must be a reason for sensei to kick us out of Nagoya and drag us here.” Kanon sighed quietly. I told her to stay quiet then turned to ask.

“So do you know anything about that Nagoya group?”

“Not much but we know that they are from the high class. Those vampires…” Yuki hesitated. “… They can walk under the sun… not like the vampire we usually see in the neighborhood.”

They, who we had been talking about, were vampires. You did not mishear it. Yukirin was talking about vampires. Vampires in Tokyo and many places around Japan were like a small community mixed up with our human world. They were active at night, sucking blood from animals or any unlucky people who got into their hunting areas. That was why an organization was found with many branches in all the large cities. The members in the organization were strictly selected and trained to become a vampire killer, having only one mission, which was killing vampires and protecting the humankind. We were called, Hunter.

“Hmm… It’s possible for them to have some internal problems. The low-class vampires always follow the high class’s orders. They wouldn’t be this aggressive unless those nobility vampires order them.” I said and it seemed that the others also agreed with my opinion.

“We’re following that Nagoya group recently. Even though we haven’t had the accurate number of the high-class vampires but we have detected two of them. Also it’s quite convenient that they are studying at the same school with us so it’s easier for us to find the others.” Atsuko said. She didn’t look so happy. Well, of course she wouldn’t be that happy when we had been taught that vampires were blood-thirst monsters. No hesitation or heart, they would kill any human that was in their sight. That was why we really hated them and showed no mercy toward those monsters. And the same thing with this mission, I had decided that I would kill all of those high-class vampires without mercy. They had to pay for what they did.

Whatever happened, I wouldn’t be allowed to fail this mission.

“Good. We will start from those two vampires. It’s no use to be rushed anyways.” I smiled to calm Atsuko and Yuki.

“Do you know their names?” Kanon quickly asked.

“Of course.” Yuki nodded, took out her small notebook from her pocket and started reading it. She always carried it with her, didn’t she? What a weird girl. “The first one is a first-year high school girl; quite popular in the campus and her name is Watanabe Mayu. The second one is her cousin, third-year junior high, also quite popular in the school. Even though this one is younger than her cousin but she is actually very strong and experienced, just like her cousin.”

“Have you fought her or something?” I raised one of my eyebrow and looked at Yuki surprisingly.

“Nope. We can’t show our identities in public, the same with those vampires because of some reasons we don’t know. I know that they are strong because my intuition told me so… She has strong dark aura around her and her cold eyes… are just like a professional assassin.” Yuki’s body started shaking gently.

“Nonsense. I don’t believe in intuition anyways. I’ll test her strength later on, and also her cousin, Watanabe. Ah right… What’s her name?”

“About that… it’s quite interesting though… I was wondering if you are related to vampire or not.” Yuki chuckled softly, which pissed me off a little bit.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t know how many people with the name of Matsui there are in Nagoya… Anyways, her name is Matsui Jurina. And just to remind you, she’s a high-class vampire.”


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