PJ48 Gakuen – Chapter 2 – WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kuminon

PJ48 Gakuen - WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kuminon

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Chapter 2

After that unexpected meeting with Mayu and Jurina, I, Kanon, Yuki and Atsuko had a flash meeting at that night. I told them everything I heard and what Mayu said. At the end, we got two different comments.

Atsuko didn’t believe in what Mayu said, like me. They hadn’t given any evidence that proved they didn’t involve in the vampire attacking cases. However, we also didn’t have anything to accuse them. On the other hand, Yuki seemed to believe Mayu. Weird… Just a few days ago, she even didn’t want to mention any vampire’s names. But at that very moment, she was defending a full-blood vampire like Mayu, or it was just only Mayu. What was happening to Yuki?

Anyways, because we couldn’t have the same idea so we would keep investigating for more information before getting the conclusion.

According to what we heard, they might be one vampire in our class and one in Mayu’s class so we split up. Atsuko was assigned to investigate the vampire in our class; Yuki would supervise Mayu since she knew quite a lot about the girl. For me, I stood in the middle and often help all three of them but I would pay more attention to Kanon. It was just because she was inexperienced and also Jurina was different… She was too mysterious. There was something about her telling me that she was different from the other vampires. An urge pushed me to know her more than anyone else. Her coldness and stubbornness was like trying to hide something deep inside her.

How strange… It was the first time a vampire could get my attention that much. Truthfully… Who was Matsui Jurina?


Day… Month… Year…

Today, I had a very bad time. When the school finished, I had to hide on the rooftop again because of Kimoto Kanon. She was really annoying when she kept staring at me during classes and following me everywhere during breaks. She was like my shadow, never leave my side. If Mayu didn’t stop me, I think I would bite her already.

I stayed on the rooftop, leaning my back against the wall and watching the flowing clouds upon the sky. It was a very peaceful moment. I enjoyed myself very much but I wasn’t happy or relaxed. Why? It was because the pain was there. It’s always there, no matter how I’d changed from the past. No one can cure it. No one can warm my already cold heart and sooth the pain eating my soul day by day. This loneliness… I think I’m getting used to it.

I sat still for a few minutes before Mayu and her best friend found me. And again, Mayu scolded for running away without telling her but as always, Kuumi defended me. Yagami Kuumi is my cousin’s best friend since the time they met each other. They are really closed like sisters though sometimes they argued or even fought. Well, they’re still best friends.

While I was watching them arguing, midget senpai telepathized us. We were quite surprised at first since senpai only uses telepathy when there is something important she needs to tell us. And what would you expect her to say at 5pm, after school? Another mission, of course. But it wasn’t a normal mission. She told us to go to the Hunter’s place. Takahashi Minami, our midget leader, told us to protect the Hunters, who are supposed to be our enemies.

I, Mayu and Kuumi at first refused to do the mission but once again, she had convinced us. She said that it was a very good opportunity to get more allies since we are in the middle of a big war, not with the Hunters, with another clan of vampires. She thought we would get bigger chance to defeat the other clan if the Hunters helped us. And if we told them the truth, maybe they would leave us alone. She was right somehow… But I still can’t trust those hunters, especially the girl named Matsui Rena. Somehow, she gave me a weird feeling when I met her on the rooftop on the other day. When I grabbed her warm wrist and looked at her cold, emotionless eyes, the “pain” grew again. I thought I could lose my self-control again if Mayu didn’t tell me to let her go. I don’t know why that girl could affect me that much. The “pain” had never grown like that for a long time… But her, how could she wake up the “pain” just by a look?

Not only one time, twice.

I met her again in this evening. I was carrying out Takamina-senpai’s mission and found her in a dark alley, surrounded by a whole clan of low-class vampire in Shibuya. She was fighting the vampire all alone so yeah, I had to accomplish my mission. And guess what? My heart ached again when our eyes met each other. What is happening to me? Who is this Matsui Rena actually?


After school, instead of going with Kanon, Yuki and Atsuko to Akibahara, I decided to go alone to Shibuya. I needed to buy some stuff for the missions and also, I wanted to search this place for any vampires since I could smell their scent. I thought it was one of their hideout. I wasn’t so sure so I went there to check, if I could, I would eliminate the whole hideout.

When the sunlight was going out, I was walking to a dark alley in Shibuya, where I could smell the vampires clearly. Even though it was only five in the evening, the street lights were all on. But the further I walked, the darker the alley was. The atmosphere was quiet and creepy. I could see some people in dirty old coats, wearing torn big hats that covered all their faces. They didn’t seem like they were shoppers in Shibuya. And I was sure that they also didn’t plan to go out of the alley. Suddenly, I felt cold. Shuddering, I knew those eyes were following every single step of mine.

I kept walking toward to the darkness until I reached the last light pole in the alley. In front of me it was black darkness; behind me, it was an unending flow of people. Coming from the shadow, more people shortened the distance between us. Just a few seconds later, I realized that I was completely surrounded by a bunch of vampires. Some of them couldn’t hold back their hungry; their mouths started watering, showing their brushy teeth. All of them were the degenerated vampires. Maybe they were a group of homeless people who were bitten by those full-blood vampires and turned into terrible monsters.

They were looking at me with their thirsty bloody eyes. A small smirk appeared on my face, I slowly took out form my pocket an inch-long piece of silver, which was a product of the genius, Yuki. When I pressed a small button at the top, the piece of silver became a sharp one-meter-long katana in my hand. The blade was sparkling under the blurred light, making the vampire become more aggressive. Their groans filled up the silence of the place.

I stood still, not be scared by anything.

I looked at those bloody eyes, couldn’t hold back a smirk.


Right after I finished my words, at the same time those opened mouths dashed to me, wanting to touch my bare neck and taste my fresh blood. The show had started. Every single move, every single attack rhythm with my heart beats. Sweats mixed up with the dust coming from those unlucky vampires who got their lived ended by my silver katana.

The silence atmosphere was now filled with the sound of sliced meat, the painful groans of those thirsty monsters…

… And the sound of my fast, heavy breath.

Even though I had been trained to fight in long battles but it was impossible for anyone to fight for their lives in 30 minutes against more than a hundred of thirsty vampires. It was out of my limit and also, they had found my weakness. My attacks got slower when it was dark. I couldn’t fight in the dark since my vision wasn’t good as the other Hunters. So in turn, all the light poles were knocked out when I was trying to get to a brighter place, running away from them. I ran to the last standing light pole, noticing that there was no escape. The number of vampires was increasing but my energy was running out. Seemed that I got myself into troubles again.

My vision was blurred. My arms and legs were shaking. I couldn’t fight any longer; my body didn’t listen to my order anymore. I was locked in a circle of vampires hopelessly. I should have known my abilities well before making any stupid decisions. Maybe giving my own life to those vampires was my biggest, first and also last mistake that I had ever made.

Thinking of Kanon, Yuki, Atsuko and all the humankind, I didn’t allow myself to give in so easily. I couldn’t give in when there was still hope, no matter how small it was, to eliminate this dangerous creature and bring happiness and peace to the humankind.

I went back to my attack pose, waiting for the next attack. No hesitation, the vampires dashed to me, ready to end my life. I waited until the moment of death finally came.


… Sweet…

This scent…

… It was the scent that I had smelled on the rooftop on the other day…

… Sweet… So sweet…


Wakening from the sudden thought, I gained back my conscious. A black figure appeared in front of me. Black short hair, fair skin, slim torso, with a quick move, the black figure held out a black-blade sword, slashing every vampires that it met on its way. After a short moment, the number of vampires had reduced half, or it was just my lucky guess. But I was sure the vampires started to withdraw. They were scared of the person standing in front of me. They slowly ran away and disappeared into the darkness.

After making sure that they were no danger in the place, that person slowly turned around and…

*Doki Doki*

I felt like my heart was racing with the wind. Those golden eyes again captured my soul. Loneliness, pain and even fear, too many unexpected feelings hid in those eyes, the eyes of the most powerful and heartless creature, a high-class vampire.

Yes, standing there, right next to me, that person was no one else but Matsui Jurina.

Her usual black eyes were replaced by sorrow golden eyes. She looked at me; I looked at her. Not a single word was given out. Did a vampire save my life? How ridiculous. I still had enough energy to kill her but there was a feeling holding me back. Why did I feel so… clueless… and vulnerable?

“Don’t misunderstand that I want to help you or something…” Finally, Jurina broke the silence between us. “I saved you just because it’s an order from our leader. We are still enemies.”

“Why… does your leader… want you to save me?” I asked her.

“Simply, our leader wants to erase all the misunderstandings of the hum about vampires. And also, she wants to ask for your and other hunter’s collaboration.”

“Collaboration? Hunters and vampires? Are you crazy or something? What are you planning on?” I smirked.

“I don’t need your answer right now and I don’t have rights to answer those questions for you either. Next week, at this time, go to the foot of Fuji Mountain if you want to have your answers. Our leader will be waiting there for you and the others. Now bye.” Jurina vanished into the darkness, not waiting for me to ask anything else.

What a mysterious girl. She was cold and emotionless but her eyes told me her different side. They cumulated sorrow and loneliness, making me want to come to her side and sooth all of her pain. But why? Why was I attracted to a vampire that I hadn’t met before like that? Oh wait… Was it true that… she was a full-blood vampire?


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